Frequently Asked Questions

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Once you place your order, we will have a phone call to determine the best options for shipping. This will depend on the amount and size of the equipment ordered. We ship using UPS, FedEx, or freight shipping including, UTL Shipping LLC or LTL.
For questions based on your specific needs, please fill out the contact us form, and we will get back to you with recommendations.
You should choose equipment that is best suited for the environment you are growing oysters in. Every site is different, and what works in one area, may not work the same in another. Some things to consider are your average wind speeds, average wave heights, depth of lease, and your state regulations.
You must know your depths and kind of bottom of your growing area. If you have mostly sand, or mud on top with sand underneath, you can use our helical anchors. We have different lengths according to your needs. If you have several feet of mud or soft bottom that our helical anchors won't hold, you will have to install pilings or poles for your support structure.
We have several different kinds of seed and nursery bags, in various mesh sizes. Look at our seed and nursery supplies to choose what's best for you.
You can pick up your supplies from our store in Panacea, FL, or we can arrange shipping to your location.