The Renegade

Oyster Farmer

The Rebel

Oyster Farmer

Outlaw Oyster Company was founded by water lovers Blake and Denita. Having worked (and played) in the salty seas their entire lives, this dynamic duo took a stab at opening their own oyster business. A long-time couple, these renegades were never formally hitched. Legend has it, the company name was coined by relatives affectionately referring to each as outlaws instead of in-laws. And with this rebellious spirit Outlaw Oyster was born.

After years of successful farming, today you can most often find owners Blake and Denita helping others learn how to start their own oyster farm and creating new ways to make oysters damn good. With decades of experience on the water, good ole fashion grit, and a love for delicious oysters, our outlaws have taken the industry by storm.

Their cutting-edge farming techniques and equipment have resulted in the two maintaining a consistently killer product for years, which positioned Blake and Denita to teach an old industry a few new tricks. Rebels at heart, this couple will tell you that life is too short to follow the rules.

Everyone needs to be an outlaw now and again.